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Real-time garbage collection

Lund Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science, SDE Research

Roger Henriksson and Boris Magnusson. (Former member: Mats Bengtsson) 

Memory management is a growing problem in industry as applications grow in size and complexity, especially as object orientation gets more and more used in real-time systems. The need for garbage collectors with guaranteed short response-times that can be used in hard real-time applications is increasing.

Our research is focused on finding techniques of how to schedule the work of garbage collectors in such a way that we inflict minimal disturbance to the time-critical parts of the real-time application.

We cooperate with the department of Automatic Control, LTH, within this project.


R. Henriksson
Scheduling Real-Time Garbage Collection
Licentiate thesis, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, 1996.
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M. Bengtsson
Real-Time Compacting Garbage Collection Algorithms
Licentiate thesis, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, 1990.
[Abstract (html)]


R. Henriksson
Predictable Automatic Memory Management for Embedded Systems
Presented at OOPSLA'97 Workshop on Garbage Collection and Memory Management, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, October 5, 1997.
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R. Henriksson
Adaptive Scheduling of Incremental Copying Garbage Collection for Interactive Applications
In Bendix et al. (Eds): Proceedings of NWPER'96, Nordic Workshop on Programming Environment Research, pp 113-120. Aalborg, May 1996.
[ps, 481 kB]

B. Magnusson, R. Henriksson
Garbage Collection for Control Systems
In Proceedings of International Workshop on Memnry Management (IWMM'95), September 1995, Kinross, Scotland.
[ps, 171 kB]

B. Magnusson, R. Henriksson
Garbage Collection for Hard Real-Time Systems
In Proceedings of the International Workshop of Object-Orientation in Operating Systems (IWOOOS'95), August 1995, Lund, Sweden.
[ps, 97 kB]

R. Henriksson
Scheduling Real Time Garbage Collection
In Magnusson et al. (Eds): Proceedings of NWPER'94, Nordic Workshop on Programming Environment Research, pp 253-266. Lund, June 1994.
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  • The developed real-time garbage collection algorithm has been implemented within a real-time kernel and use in hard real-time applications (e.g., control of an industrial robot).

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