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Language Support for Design Patterns and Frameworks

Lund Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science, SDE Research

Görel Hedin
Academic partners: Jorgen Lindskov Knudsen, Aino Cornils (Dept. of Computer Science, Aarhus University)

We are interested in how different language constructs support design patterns and frameworks, and how the intentions of design patterns and frameworks can be captured either directly by language constructs or by annotating programs with extra information. We use the APPLAB system as an experimental platform for trying out the ideas.

Related projects:

  • The APPLAB System
  • Publications

    A. Cornils and G. Hedin.
    Statically Checked Documentation with Design Patterns
    Proc. of TOOLS Europe 2000, Mont st. Michel, France, June 2000 published by IEEE

    A. Cornils and G. Hedin.
    Tool Support for Design Patterns based on Reference Attribute Grammars
    Proc. of WAGA'00, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, July 2000, published as INRIA research report

    G. Hedin, J. L. Knudsen.
    Language Support for Application Framework Design
    To appear in the book Implementing Application Frameworks: Object-Oriented Frameworks at Work. Wiley, 1999.
    [Abstract] [Draft in pdf]
    A short version of this paper will be published in ACM Computing Surveys under the title "On the Role of Language Constructs for Framework Design" [Abstract] [Draft in ps].

    G. Hedin.
    Attribute Extension - A Technique for Enforcing Programming Language Conventions
    Nordic Journal of Computing 4 (1997), 93-122.
    An earlier version of this paper was published at NWPER'96 under the title "Enforcing programming conventions by attribute extension in an open compiler". [Abstract] [ps] [pdf]

    G. Hedin.
    Language Support for Design Patterns Using Attribute Extension.
    In Bosch and Mitchell (Eds.): Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP'97 Workshop Reader, pp137-140. LNCS 1357, Springer Verlag, 1997.
    [Abstract] [Short version (ps)] [Long version (ps)]

    Last modified: May 23, 2001